jueves, 23 de febrero de 2023


In this video I will show the evolution of the arm wrestling athlete alizhan muratov from kazakhstan, alizhan muratov and a totally different athlete in 2013 he begins his trajectory in the sport playing a match in the 60kg junior arse koraev category who held alizhan muratov in the crusader ie ( hook) then time went by alizhan muratov started training a lot and gaining weight more and more, started playing at 80kg in 2019 alizhan muratov played a match with Saruna Monarka from Lithuania it was an exciting match to watch ,Vadim Akperov from Russia athlete with a powerful and very strong hook, but even so alizhan muratov won easily, Sarhid Izadi from Iran was another battle at the table with a lot of hook vs toproll technique and a lot of strength, in 2018 alizhan muratov had an arm wrestling match with glass Dobrin from Romania this was a super matches with a lot of technique and strength, the arm wrestling needs a lot of strength and technique and a lot of experience at the table if you count the years of arm wrestling training and learning, at the xl world championship in antalya in 2018 alizhan muratov had a match with very experienced arm wrestling athlete krasovskis Vladislavs from latvia super hard athlete to face completely On top of the world level, alizhan muratov vs krasovskis Vladislavs stayed in a super hook , hook vs hook but even so alizhan muratov won the match , in 2020 lostshino Arm Wrestling Cup championship alizhan muratov faced tautiev George from Russia toproll vs hook tautiev George with his super toproll with his hands tied entered a thrilling battle plus the Russian tautiev George won in the toproll resistance.

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