jueves, 17 de febrero de 2022

Ron Bath vs Zurab Tavberidze East vs West 2

 This match was legendary to say the least, Ron tried everything possible an absolute war. This guy's 60 years old & built like a solid tank, what a beast. Best match of the night & one of the best matches of all time IMO.

Oleg Zhokh vs Betkili Oniani - East vs West 2

Very pleased for Oleg. It'll take a long long time for him to be what he was, but he's already come a long way since that hospital bed. Keep going Oleg. 

Schoolboy vs Herman Stevens - East vs West 2

Schoolboy looks huge in this video/comp. Great future in the sport if he can be injuries free. Wish you the best !

Ron Bath vs Efe Kömek - East vs West 2

 One of the best matches in the history of the armwrestling..

Todd Hutchings vs Yordan Tsonev - East vs West 2

 Todd huchings has to be top 5 greatest armwrestlers of all time. His power is insane. He runs through guys twice his size. If he was bigger and taller...holy shit! There wouldn't be a man that could stop him.

Oleg Cherkasov vs Yusuf Ziya Yıldızoğlu - East vs West 2

Oleg Cherkasov 6-times European, 8-times World champion .. he's absolutely incredible. Only 30 years old and in his prime, I hope he gets many more supermatches. People should also watch his WARS at European and World Championships with Daniel Procopciuc

Evgeny Prudnyk vs Artyom Morozov - East vs West 2

 Prudnik showed why he's 4-times European, 6-times World, 4-times Zloty champion. I hope he gets many more supermatches because he's an absolute BEAST

Devon Larratt: Arm Wrestling | Lex Fridman Podcast #265

 Devon Larratt is a professional arm wrestler, widely considered to be one of the best of all time.